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"Wonderful $20 is all u need to feel spectacular the rest of your day. I'll definitely go back."

Malia P. 

"Emily went home a long time ago, and Kitty has been my go-to therapist ever since and she is even better! She is amazing! She knows just where all my sore spots are and never fails to work them all out. She really knows what she's doing! I've been going to her every couple weeks for several months now, but unfortunately I have to move away and can't take her with me. I hope I can find a new spa half as good as this one in my new town. Thank you Kitty!!!!!"

Hawk W. 

"I really needed a good massage and really wanted it now. I called Dragon Day Spa and they were able to accommodate me and my friend right away. We were both extremely pleased with our massages. I had Jason. My friend had Jenny. They start with a relaxing face and neck massage, then move to the arms, while your feet are soaking in a warm tub of water. Feet and legs are next and oh gosh it feels so good. The Back comes next. Jason spent a good amount of time working out knots in my back.  He dug in with elbows and thumbs and strong hands. Finished off with hot stones and warm towel rub-down. We have found our new favorite massage place. Oh, best part - this hour long massage cost $20 - plus tip. Might make this a weekly ritual."

Janet H.

"I've done the private room massage and the advertised 19.99 massage, and essentially the same! The main difference is being in a room with several beds and possibly other ppl also getting a massage, or, bring in a private room. I'm going back and doing the 19.99 deal again!"

E S.

"This place is hands-down amazing! I've been to many places and took my chances here but it's totally worth it!"

Icci D.

"This is an awesome place for foot massage. I had a stiff neck and my feet were sore. I looked up this place and $30 for 90 minutes is too good a deal to miss. I'm so glad I tried them out. The pressure was good, the massage room was calm and I felt so much better after the massage. Tip them well!"

Sridhar J.

"Another nice massage place. Very clean all around. The lady that gave me massage didn't speak english but she was really nice and did her best to put lots of pressure on me. Its funny she was using her nail some times and it would hurt my skin but i explained to her with the international sign language and she understood. It was pretty funny tho. Anyways i don't feel ache after the massage so i think i will go back again."

Sammy G.

"I wish I knew about this place a long time ago! Best massage for the price. It's our new go-to place for massage now! It beats the other places I've been to that cost more. The hot stone at the end was amazing!! I already can't wait to come back here!! David was my masseur and I will ask for him when I come back."

Raz P.

"Had a back massage here today, love it and I will come back. $30.00 for half an hour is not bad for the quality of massage you get. I'll probably go back in a couple of months."

Rogelio A.

"I have been here a couple of times so far. It has been great each time. I opted for the 1 hr. foot massage and loved it. As others have mentioned, they use hot stones during the back massage part and if feels super good. I plan to go back."

John B.

Updated Review: "The table massage was awesome! I was often asked about the pressure with "is this okay?" I will definitely go back. Also, because I came in with my husband for the hour table massage, they took  $10 off entire bill. Really nice people!"

Sue C.

"This was probably the best for massage I've ever had!The only difference between the foot massage and regular table massage, I'm guessing, is that they spend more time on the back and you're in a private room when getting a table massage. For the foot massage, they spend more time on your...feet.  It  was a little strange taking the shirt and bra off in a public setting but it was done discreetly, and the hot stones was well worth the bra being unhooked (they do hook it back on for you). It was money well spent! Next time, I want to try the table massage."

Sue C.

"I'm so glad that I found this place! Michael is very good at massage. I will be here often."

Lulu R.

"We love this spa. Well worth the price. So clean, so professional. the 1-1/2 hour for $30 unbelievable especially around here."

Scott H.

"I really like this place. I've been to 2-3 different massage businesses within San Jose and I have to say this is my favorite. The women are super nice and respectful. I've literally been here maybe 5 times this month alone, and I always get the $20 foot massage which is basically a full body massage. My favorite part is the hot stones at the end! Super worth your $20! The only thing that is a little awkward is when they ask you to take off your shirt/Un strap your bra and as a female it can be very uncomfortable in a big room mainly filled with men. Although, I can tell they try to make it very subtle and they also help you put your top back on right after. I've had a man massage me and I don't prefer him just because he's stronger so if you get him you might want to either ask for a female or tell him to be more soft. Other than that I like this place overall!"

Ross R.

"I was in so much pain and my shoulders were aching terribly. I finally decided to give this place a try. I was so pleasantly surprised. The masseuse was so diligent and really helped me feel better. My pain has gone away and I will definitely be returning. Thank you so much!!! PS the hot stones were a perfect touch!!!"

Stephanie L.

"Everything is great here from the ease of making appointments to availability to courtesy of staff. All the therapists are well trained and do a great job. My favorite go to massage place in South Bay."

Ishita G.

"The quality and cleanliness of this place for $20 an hour is amazing! What a steal, I have been twice and will continue to come back for more massages."

Brittany B.

"SUPER CLEAN!!! I use to go to lots of different ones but now I only go here! The girls are awesome very skilled, I always walk out SOOOOOOO relaxed , and at peace! My fiancé loves it ( the girls are beautiful) he is in construction and his body hurts but he always feels WAY BETTER . HIGHLY RECOMMEND DRAGON."

Tina K.

"Had the 1.5 hr-foot and body combo earlier, and was i glad to have found this place! clean place, friendly staff, and terrific services.  therapist knew what she was doing with relaxing, not hurried massage strokes, and seems to feel the right pressure and where it's needed.  the hot stone finale was awesome! thanks, lenlen and emily, will definitely be back!"

Ellen A.

"One the cleanest day spa I have been and excellent service. I read the good review from yelpers and decided to give it a try. I paid $50 after 10% checked-in discount for 1 hr body massage. They really know how to fix the sore on my back and shoulder.  They have hot stones on the back and that is really good. Very clean massage room. My only complain is the music is too loud and music is annoying."

Sam K.

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